Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October going into November

Hello All!

Here is what I have been doing over the past few months.

TEL AVIV and YAFO: spent a weekend in TA+Y with my friend Bianca and her family, seeing the sights, shopping in the shuk, and hanging by the beach!

The BEACH at Tel Aviv

Random street art in Yafo, oh and Bianca!

Hippie People at Mitzpe Ramon: the arts track went to Mitzpe Ramon (the crater in Israel) for a 3 day trip. We stayed in a dance center called Adama, which is a modern Israeli dance company. During our stay we went to different dance workshops like belly dancing, saw the sunrise at the crater and bonded with each other! It was the most relaxing three days so far on yearcourse!


My and Robyn's room in Adama

Artsy fartsy people walking to the "town"

The sunrise at the crater

Sunrise number two!

Netanya: This past weekend I spent in Netanya, a city outside Tel Aviv with my friends Monica, Michal and Tamar. We stayed in Michal's grandmothers apt which was wonderfully and beautifully clean and sooo comfortable. We had shabbat dinner at Michal's family friends house and then spent all of Saturday on the beach, could not ask for anything better!

Our view from the window!

Another view from the window...

Our beach picnic (or a bicnic?)

Tamar, myself and I refusing to leave the beach.

We ran into people on Shvil Yisrael!
*a hike that goes from northern tip to southern tip of Israel


Figure drawing, water colors and oil pastels.

First nude drawing wooot!

BOTTOM 2: The assignment was to make a puppet representing your ancestry and then place it somewhere in modern day Israel. What I did was make two puppets (out of bottles) each representing a set of my grandparents. Because in the end I am a product of two different cultures, assimilated American Jews and Jewish Immigrants from Poland.

This is Stefa and Nachman, you can't see it but their skin is made of clips from the Yiddish news paper because that is the language and culture they taught me. They are placed on a random Kibbutz in Israel.

Here we have Sara and Ezra, my American grandparents. They have english news clips as their skin. They are placed in a secular neighborhood in Jerusalem, which I have come to discover does not entirely shut down on shabbat.

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