Sunday, November 29, 2009


Hi there! During the past few weeks I have been spending my last month in Jerusalem, this Sunday I will be uprooted and moving to the city of Bat Yam! (Which is outside of Tel Aviv) A whole new community, culture, and experiences! Right now in Israel it is the beginning of Chanukah season and the jelly doughnuts have been unleashed ahhhhhh!

Moving on here is what I have been upto:

HAIFA! I spent a weekend in Haifa with 5 of my girlfriends. There are a few things we learned about Haifa:
1) a city where Jews, Arab's and Christians coexist side by side peacefully (one of the only in Israel)
2) the city is literally on the slope of Mt. Carmel
3) It gets very rainy (we learned that since the inn that we stayed at is at the bottom of the city, and what happens when pouring rain goes down a hill. THATS RIGHT! IT hits your room!)

We spent the weekend relaxing, seeing the Bahai Gardens, exploring the city, counting Arab butcher shops, and meeting many travelers as well.

Left to right: Elaine, me, Jessica, Michal, Britty, and Katie

Myself at the Bahai's

The Bahai Gardens

The coast of Haifa (you can also the city of Akko/Acre on the top tip)

Downtown Haifa flooded (view from our balcony)

Cute meringue pooches from the local bakery

Katie loooves her poochka!

MOUNT OF OLIVES: Mt. Olive is a Jewish cemetery located in the eastern side of Jerusalem. It was pouring rain and cold that day so we ended our siyyur early and went to get coffee and hot chocolate at Aroma Cafe instead. BUT I snagged a very nice picture of Jerusalem on her unsual side

Last Day of ULPAN:

Mel Reisfield my Ulpan teacher (aka the oldest member of Young Judaea)

ASHKELON! I visited my relatives in Ashkelon 2 weeks ago. It was a weekend of food, family history (genetic traits specifically), and welcoming to new editions to our family (baby Eve!)
One thing I particularly enjoyed that weekend was cooking with my cousins Fanya and Sonia. They taught me how to make a roll filled with pickeled cabbage/sauerkraut.

Fanya and Sonia making piestra

how to make this wonderful dish


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